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#1linewed Marriage Revolution @MarriageRevBlog🔁#1linewed Love is love
Wattpad @wattpad🔁"Ice cream always makes things a bit better." 🍦 #1LineWed
#1linewed James Vincett @james_vincett🔁 #1LineWed | #LosingHold comes out this month! | #SciFi | #Romance
#1linewed Diane DeWitt Hall @ipromotebooks🔁 #1linewed Let's go light some candles. #wednesdaywisdom #lovewins
Wattpad @wattpad🔁"Home isn't always where the heart is." #1LineWed
dear reader @jk_steady🔁 This, right now, is peace. Because right now, I can pretend the water really will make me clean.
dear reader @jk_steady🔁 #1linewed "I'm afraid we never got to stay very long. But we were here more than once, and it was always very peaceful.”
Eric Wat @ImEricWat🔁What does a peace officer do when there's hardly any crime? #1linewed
Emily Royal @eroyalauthor🔁Would she ever be free of him? Even in death the memory of him lingered, his cold expressionless eyes denying her peace.
#1linewed #Romance
Marie Lavender @marielavender1🔁“I take thanks in the form of ,” Michael said. What's Ivory's response? .
Outskirts Press @OutskirtsPress🔁Don't spell part backwards. It's a trap.
Libby Doyle @LibbyDoyle9🔁 #1lineWed Engler, at times, could be quite pushy and this got to Heuer, shearing off his peace at the shoulders.
alastairw @alastairwriter🔁Sticking with the Beatles, John & Yoko sing for Peace, 60s style. Bed-in. Hair Peace. Yeah man. #1lineWed
alastairw @alastairwriter🔁“I hope that boy finds his mother, finds peace. A mother and son should be reunited, don’t you think?” #1lineWed
Matt Kilby @Gradyperlson🔁My kid sister's VW bus was plastered in peace signs and enough pro-pot propaganda to get her tailgaters high.

❄️☠️Jace Smith☠️❄️ @Skyvales🔁She composed herself into anger again, studded herself with thorns. #1linewed
Rhoda Baxter @RhodaBaxter🔁 can't turnback the clock return the world to peace. Men who went away have changed. Women left behind have changed. I know I have
alastairw @alastairwriter🔁Give Me Love, Give Me Peace on Earth, an almost forgotten George Harrison track from the 70s. #1lineWed
Kale Night @kale_night🔁Auryn was supposed to be peacefully asleep by now, untroubled by the squad of assassins on their way to execute the man he loved. #1linewed
Katie Oliver @katieoliver01🔁 He looks to Nancy. “Where is she?” he asks with a calm he musters for Ethan’s sake.


Brandon Puryear🌀 @Brandon_Puryear🔁#1linewed "And that was the 1st time he had eaten a whole @PapaJohns pizza, wings, and dessert in one sitting. But it wouldn't be the last"
Layla F. @LaylaFray🔁It was a home that bruised easily, like the very ones who smashed their fists into its walls. Peace did not live here .
Y. E. Katerina @Basic_Cultist🔁#1linewed A mercenary has no true semblance of loyalty to noble causes, we are dragons made human.
Shonda Tennelle @Tennelle333🔁Her crush turned into her like turned into her want turned into her love turned into her forever wow what humble beginnings #1lineWed
ㅤ @thatglittergeek🔁“Sleep well, okay?”
“I will.”
“I’ll be right here when you wake up.”

#1linewed #onelinewed #amwriting #nanowrimo

Peggy Rothschild @PegRothschild🔁
"I do not know where peace nests, but it must be a distant country from here, with trees yet unblackened for it to perch."
Carol Nissenson @nissenson🔁 You could double date…”
“Stop nagging me,” I snapped.
“I wasn’t,” she said calmly and left the room.
alastairw @alastairwriter🔁One of Macca's best post-Beatles songs imho, for you #1lineWed writers out there. Pipes of Peace.
Rebecca Tinnelly @RebeccaTinnelly🔁The pine rose like a steeple from the otherwise deciduous wood #1LineWed
Syd2E2 @TappyToeClaws🔁In truth she saw the man as more of an investment to her, and admittedly a friend, if she could be considered to have any. #1linewed
ReLynn Vaughn @ReLynnWrites🔁“It’s supposed to be over.” Willa’s voice cracked with disuse. “He has his victory. The land has its peace. I should have mine.”
MelodyArielle Bailey @MelodyABailey🔁"Do not quote the sayings of scholars to me. I was trained in them longer than you were, traitor guard rat of the house of Choe." #1linewed
Ellie Lieberman @AcornTops🔁Finding peace
With your faults,
Your failings,
Your supposed
Those things are
Beautiful, too

Briana Hernandez @Tsuyoi_Inoue🔁WEDNESDAY GAMES!
Brianna da Silva @Brianna_daSilva🔁His chest rose and fell peacefully. His smooth face seemed so placid, so unperturbed, as if he had not a care in the world. #1LineWed
Robin Pawlak @1robinstweet🔁I stood up and edged in between them. “Guys, come on.”
He took a half step back.
She stood her ground. Made eye contact. Grunted.
Leigh M. Lorentz @LeighMLorentz🔁“It’s scary,” he whispered.
“It can be,” I replied, “but that’s half the fun of it. I won’t hurt you.”
#WIPWed #Weirdwriters #1linewed
Debi V. Smith @DebiVSmith🔁He looks to Nancy. “Where is she?” he asks with a calm he musters for Ethan’s sake.


R.E. Brooker @rebauthor1🔁"I extended The Black Rainbow time limit!" Hogarth cried.
"What?" Will frowned. "You suddenly think there'll be peace?" #amwriting #1linewed
Megan Kennedy @sixmoments🔁"He was not the first werewolf to be locked in this room." #amwriting #1linewed
Briana Hernandez @Tsuyoi_Inoue🔁The state has only accomplished this facade of peace with the use of hired criminals; killers who execute troublemakers in alleys
D vid Jess n @BreakerofThings🔁 There is always a chance for peace...or at least a glass of milk and some chocolate chip cookies. #1lineWed
Phoenix Williams @Phoenix_William🔁No woman had ever put my peace of mind ahead of hers. Shelby was bringing me to my fucking knees and she wasn’t even trying.
Michelle Bolanger @MBolangerAuthor🔁“Let’s do this peacefully. Let go, get her out of here, and we’re done.” I reasoned. “Don’t make us call the cops.”


AliciaGaile @alicia_gaile🔁He flung a handful of shrapnel at the dancing nymphs. The peaceful faces contorted with agony as their bare feet trod on the iron. #1linewed
Anupam Das @anupambtechmba🔁There is fine line between serendipity and stalking. #famousinlove #1linewed #wednesdaywisdom #ItsOnUs
J Harrison Cartoons @jhcartoons🔁 I have something to offer you. Peace. I can give you someone to talk to, someone to confide in. #1lineWed
R.E. Brooker @rebauthor1🔁"Please," begged Anthony, gripping the bars. "Please let us see him."
Kazamir thought for a moment. "Never," he said. #amwriting #1linewed
Kaitlin Bevis @KaitlinBevis🔁Right now, my thirst for vengeance happened to coincide with my desire to make peace with the gods. #1linewed
R.E. Brooker @rebauthor1🔁There was nothing at all peaceful about the way the rain lashed at the windows. It was like exploding silver needes. #amwriting #1linewed
❄️☠️Jace Smith☠️❄️ @Skyvales🔁"You told us if we were going to a brothel, it'd at least be a high-class one!" #1linewed
Nirtl A. Mlata @TrinaLTalma🔁#1linewed I passed from feeling like I couldn't possibly do this, into a calm zone where all that mattered was doing the job.
Stephanie O'Brien @Stepha_OBrien🔁Those wide, bright eyes went narrow, and the peacefully arched eyebrows flattened beneath the weight of grim memory. #1linewed #amwriting
Enjella -Book Series @EnjellaFairy🔁She prayed peace would settle over their minds but she knew their contorted anger had spawned a new war and broken future. #1lineWed
Liz Durano @Lizdurano🔁Everyone turned to Riley who was standing at the top of the stairs wearing a T-shirt with a peace sign and loose pajama bottoms #1linewed
Ellie Lieberman @AcornTops🔁 The grit of exhaustion that coated Sebastian’s eyes was aggravated by the brightness of the lamp and he just wanted some peace.
A.M. Hounchell @inferno4dante🔁"There's no peace for the wicked. And there's no rest for the evil. Let's have another sleepless night." Xeaynos said. #1linewed
Ana Mardoll @AnaMardoll🔁"Are you sure you're okay?" he adds, stooping to offer his arm.

"No, I'm furious. I'll be okay later."


R.E. Brooker @rebauthor1🔁Thomas sighed. "I never have peace either."
"Because of?.." prompted Kazamir.
"One boy," Thomas said. "With a duck." #amwriting #1linewed
Ellie Lieberman @AcornTops🔁“Peace the town or peace the sensation?”
“I never wanted the town. I just want the sensation of peace, however fleeting it may be.”
Ellie Lieberman @AcornTops🔁 “Brent wants Peace.”
“We all want peace to some degree,” Dray scoffed.
“No Dray. Not peace...PEACE. He want to own this town."
Ellie Lieberman @AcornTops🔁 “Sounds like you’re in desperate need of Peace.” Dray chuckled.
“I’d love some. Where can I find it? I’ve had nae peace in years.”
Ellie Lieberman @AcornTops🔁 He’d come to Peace seeking peace but at every turn he found more reasons to question his definition of peace.
Ellie Lieberman @AcornTops🔁 He wanted nothing more than to lose himself in the peace she offered unconditionally, to reach for the dream no matter how futile.
Betsy Ashton @betsyashton🔁#1LineWed
I sure as hell didn’t want a noisy scene where Detective Hamilton could run me in for disturbing the peace or living on the block.
Ellie Lieberman @AcornTops🔁 . “Please open your eyes. It feels peaceful when you look at me. Blue like the sky on an unsullied summer day.”
Ellie Lieberman @AcornTops🔁 He knew between the nightmare waiting if he closed his eyes and the waking nightmare he’d returned to, there was no peace for him.
Ellie Lieberman @AcornTops🔁 "When you sleep, I miss your eyes. I think I could live happily in the blue of your eyes. It’s peaceful and beautiful.”
Ellie Lieberman @AcornTops🔁“You deserve the world, Fi."
“I don’t want the world. I want peace and to be loved. I’ve got his love… we’re working on the peace.”
R.E. Brooker @rebauthor1🔁"When this is finished," Will said, "Do you think there'll be peace?"
Amanda paused. "We have pirates for God's sake." #amwriting #1linewed
Ellie Lieberman @AcornTops🔁 "You’re nearing the epicenter of the vortex. I won’t let you die. I’ll keep you safe and we’ll find the peace you crave together.”
Ellie Lieberman @AcornTops🔁 Sitting at the keyboard of the battered old baby grand, she felt a familiar, comforting sense of peace settle over her.
Robert Rich @RichKidsProds🔁"That's just it. Don't you see? We talk about ideas and call them plans." #1linewed
Rachel Lenzi @lenziwrites🔁I set a coffee on his desk. I wasn't sure if I should call it a peace offering or an acknowledgement of whatever we started. #1linewed
Jan Jones @janjonesauthor🔁#1LineWed can't turnback the clock return the world to peace. Men who went away have changed. Women left behind have changed. I know I have
RobRoy McCandless @RobRoyMcCandles🔁Want to bet your life on it?
I can’t die.
Want to bet your existence on this plane and the effort to break free from Hell a again?

R.E. Brooker @rebauthor1🔁There was a peace in grief, an unsettling, resilient peace that followed Will wherever he went. #amwriting #1linewed
Lynn Anglin @LynnAnglin3🔁"If you want to be a Disney princess, be Mulan! Be your own hero, baby girl."
Kathy Boyd Fellure @KathBoydFellure🔁#1linewed WIP Harper House
Peace came at dawn filling her with unexpected courage after the bombs ceased descending. The house stood alone.
ElisabethHobbes @ElisabethHobbes🔁‘Aye but he was never a fighter, you could tell. He was a bondsman. Now he’s at peace and fights no more.’ #1linewed
E. H Arrey @elmerarrey1🔁 Man, if I could bottle that kid’s laugh, I’d be rich. #1linewed #amwriting #amwritingfantasy #LGBTQ #amquerying
Sabre @Sabrespa🔁Many won't remember significance of April 19. theme **PEACE** seems appropriate. Come share your peaceful words. Pls RT
hugo gonzalez @hugo2k12🔁 with and !
Scott Leminski @ScottLeminski🔁"Maybe we're dead." Ray finally said it.
"Then Heaven has a flaw or 2. I can live with that." Susan's serenity belied her thoughts.#1linewed
Alyson McCandless @AlysonMcC🔁"What I'm saying is that if you and I can't see it, that's it. We've made peace with our demons, we can't dig any deeper." #1linewed
Natalie K. @natalie_🔁"We've had an unprecedented era of peace… I shudder to think what could've happened if the Federation had not been established."
R.E. Brooker @rebauthor1🔁"The pineapples give me peace," Aldaberto whispered, striding down the long corridors. "I am not me without them." #amwriting #1linewed
Nirtl A. Mlata @TrinaLTalma🔁#1linewed "I'm afraid we never got to stay very long. But we were here more than once, and it was always very peaceful.”
Lillian James 📚 @Author_L_James🔁She thought of how often she used her link to check on the girl. Even that small peace of mind was to be taken away. #1lineWed #Spyridon
Ron Walters @WritingRon🔁"It’s bad enough y’all steal from the dead. But to then rob them of a peaceful afterlife? There ain’t nothing more heinous." #1linewed
MEGAN NIKOLE: WRITER @dameinthelife🔁Within a split second, the man fired his gun aiming right for her head. She dropped to the ground.

But so did the rest of them.


R.E. Brooker @rebauthor1🔁Kazamir smiled. As soon as he had Worthington's blood, then there would be peace. Until then, there was only noise. #amwriting #1linewed



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