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Kate Kisset @KateKisset🔁No other woman had the power to wrap around his heart, the way she did. #1linewed #NapaCrush hits Amazon tomorrow!
#1linewed Robin Kirk @RobinKirk🔁May in Ayemenem is a hot, brooding month #1linewed #ArundhatiRoy #amreading
#1linewed Kathryn Roberts @KathrynR47🔁12 Words #Prompt #AmWriting #1LineWed #Inspiration
#1linewed Alyssa Carlier 🖤 愛玲 @HKAlyssa🔁Princess' (arranged) fiancé duels princess' future rival/girlfriend. Princess is Very Entertained. #1linewed
#1linewed rina @BookshOne🔁sky is the limit... #1linewed #scuba #snorkel (@ Lahaina Harbor in Lahaina, HI)
JZ BOOKS @jzbooks🔁#1linewed Apologies worked when you accidentally stepped on someone’s foot, not when you made a person feel useless as a human being.
MKWritingRT @MKWritingRT🔁 #1linewed How much longer did he or Agmund have? His shoulders slumped as he closed his eyes, surrendering to the darkness.
MKWritingRT @MKWritingRT🔁 It is in our silence that we surrender. #1lineWed #wip #amwriting
Debra_Elise @Debra_Elise🔁We give up. Our theme for 7/19/17 is **SURRENDER** Will you wave a white flag or join us? Pls RT then hand over your words!
D. G. Driver @DGDriverAuthor🔁#1linewed "Quit the protest, honey. I hate to say this, but they’re just trees. We have other work to do." WHISPER OF THE WOODS
JamesBeamon @WriterBeamon🔁"Surrender the rights or I'm gonna sue you and sue you until your only dinner options left are Friskies or Whiskas." #1linewed
Cris & Clare Meyers @cris_and_clare🔁“Does it matter?”
“I guess not,” Carlos gave in.
“Oh, that’s just mean. Now I really want to know…” Rook whined.

Na'amen G. Tilahun @Naamenism🔁@fiyahlitmag "The only thing holding your shit-stained toilet tissue of a nation together other than us? Was hatred and genocide."
Dewayne Beckford @BeCK_the_Body🔁🙌Remember they are still watching, prove these mfs WRONG!!! 💯
Salem Genseke @FleshandLace🔁I felt like I had been caught up in some age-old dance between two things far greater than myself. I felt small.
Hanna Rabb @Hannajill1🔁After 4 hours, her voice started to sound like a fly I couldn't swat.
Giving in was the only path to peace. #1linewed
Na'amen G. Tilahun @Naamenism🔁 Happy #1linewed ! Let's see those favorite lines from the WIPs you've been working.
Hanna Rabb @Hannajill1🔁"You have to pick a side."
"I pick Switzerland." I showed her my palms.
"You don't even have a passport."
I bit my cheek.
Ltalm A. Trina @TrinaLTalma🔁#1linewed "Maybe you should give him a chance, if you ever give up on the ghost.”
🗡️Lex Duncan🐺 @lexduncan🔁No one liked a shindig more than a small town with nothing better to do. #1linewed
McSix @McLeanSix🔁While the girls happily purloined what booze I had, I could see Tiffany surrender, hiding her face in the palm of her hand. #1lineWed
David Bradley Bailey @Dbfuturist42🔁Congratulations Republicans. You have given me my most successful #poetry post of all time. #1linewed
Hanna Rabb @Hannajill1🔁I was tired. The kind of tired you feel in your bones, but the minute the music started, I surrendered to the sound and danced. #1linewed
Holly Van Voast @lensjockey🔁None of this will be a part of the solution. male is what drives todays news.
Tony Kushner
Salem Genseke @FleshandLace🔁 is suddenly my favorite thing.

K S Dearsley @KSDearsley🔁Jassi settled herself on the wagon. "If you make me get off, I'll just follow you, so you might as well give in." #1linewed
Hanna Rabb @Hannajill1🔁"Please, pleaee, pleeeease." Maddie's eyes widened like saucers.
I took a huge breath and blew it out.
"Fine. You win." #1linewed
Elizabeth Heatherly @heatherlyeliz🔁The ocean rushes greedily to the sand. Grabbing and pulling whatever it can back into the muddied emerald water.
Hanna Rabb @Hannajill1🔁All 4'9" of her slid into me auntil she was pounding on my chest with bony fists. "Whoa!" I moved back and held my hands up. #1linewed
Outskirts Press @OutskirtsPress🔁Don’t get mad. Get even. You can always add another person to your memoir.
#OutskirtsPress #1linewed #writing
Books of Bounty @Nightshade_Mama🔁Angeline felt her stomach give up the flutters and do a complete flip when he smiled at her. #1linewed
FIYAH Literary Mag. @fiyahlitmag🔁 @fiyahlitmag The ineptitude of the land invoked the sea's volcanic and ever present violence. #1linewed
Brent Lambert @BrentCLambert🔁@fiyahlitmag The ineptitude of the land invoked the sea's volcanic and ever present violence. #1linewed
Holly Van Voast @lensjockey🔁, you should help me male code. Tony Kushner
J. Russell @jrussellwrites🔁The gun fell to point at the floor on its own, and she lowered her hands from her surrender pose...

#amwriting #1linewed

Gwen Gardner @LadyGwenTweets🔁 “We both know how this ends,” he said. “Surrender now, or both you and your daughter die.”
Bethany A. Jennings @simmeringmind🔁 19 - A line that was hard to write. Easy to write, difficult to revise when it needed tweaks!
Hanna Rabb @Hannajill1🔁“Okay, okay.” She waved her ketchup-covered napkin in surrender. “I talk too much. My dad always said I talked too much.”
Hanna Rabb @Hannajill1🔁“I’m not perky enough or skinny enough or pretty enough…”
“Enough,” he held up both hands. "You have to be good to yourself."
Salem Patterson @SalemPatterson🔁He may have surrendered to his feelings where she was concerned, but he would not forget what they were doing was forbidden. #1linewed
Blayr 🐝 @UncommonBee🔁My penchant for singing musicals at the top of my lungs was starting annoy everyone. But I had never felt more alive. #1linewed
⚔️Ellen Niarhos⚔️ @EllenTalksBooks🔁 Scrolling through this tag why are there so many quotes about surrendering today? 👀 #1LineWed
Kelly Massey @kellyjmassey🔁#1linewed "Lead them well now, and they won’t ask as many questions when you force them to surrender their powers later."
A.D. Young @adyoungauthor🔁After all the stress of the last few days, it was something of a relief to surrender to his passions, to share them with an equal. #1lineWed
Mia Hopkins @MiaHopkinsxoxo🔁Sorry, #1linewed...I got nothin'.
Jack of all Trades @jackvaughn888🔁Pharis watched as the human's eyes grew as each plate surrendered itself to the table. They knew the value of a good meal. #1linewed
Susan Finn @SFinn14🔁She defiantly threw her bikini in the trash and surrendered to the molten lava chocolate cake topped with homemade whipped cream. #1linewed
Erika David @ErikaDavidCAN🔁Uh-uh. You don't want to start anything with me. If I was a place, I'd have a sign posted on me,"abandon all hope ye enter here" #1linewed
Peggy Rothschild @PegRothschild🔁 If I refused to surrender, he wouldn’t forgive me. Yet if I did surrender I’d never forgive myself.
Ashley Woodfolk @AshWrites🔁I want everything that is hot and bright inside me to crash into him until we’re a single celestial body burning up the dark. #1linewed
Olivia Norem @OliviaNorem🔁“And you’re taking your sweet time,” Claudia snipped, as she imagined what it would be like to truly be taken, to truly surrender. #1linewed
Jenni Anderson @jenanderson731🔁I wasn't sure I wanted to surrender my feelings, for in amongst all this heartbreak, the good was really good #1linewed
A.M. Hounchell @inferno4dante🔁The God of War smiled at Josh with bloody teeth. "I surrender," he said.
"Don't care." Josh pulled back & delivered another blow.
E. A. DeBoest Author @EADeBoestauthor🔁##1linewed
I'm completely caught up in his sexual will, his thirst & hunger for me, his lecherous spell...
Expansion of the Heart BK 3 soon!
Sophia Elaine Hanson @authorsehanson🔁Scrolling through this tag why are there so many quotes about surrendering today? 👀 #1LineWed
A.M. Hounchell @inferno4dante🔁I tied my shirt to the the fishing pole with shaky hands. I had no choice. I waved it in the air and cooed my surrender. #1linewed
A.M. Hounchell @inferno4dante🔁"It's that easy for you to give up?"
"Look around you! If we don't give up, then we die. Is that what you want?" #1linewed
Richard Gibney @ragtaggiggagon🔁The Russian scientists sacrificed themselves rather than give up data to allow their own govt to use faster-than-light technology.
Peggy Rothschild @PegRothschild🔁 Doing nothing is the same as surrender. #1linewed
R. K. MacPherson @rkmacpherson🔁"They were starting an exciting adventure, but she couldn't share their anticipation. Vashti was after the truth." #1linewed #wip
K S Dearsley @KSDearsley🔁 The leaves surrendered to the will of the wind. The wind wanted a dance, so they danced.


Betsy Ashton @betsyashton🔁#1LineWed
Gad, I’d have to stay alert to keep from surrendering. I stuck my tongue out at the backs of the two men who mocked me.
Todd Nichols @1tnichols🔁After hours of hair pulling and head banging she finally surrendered to the fact that her tweet just wasn't that likable.
JA Carter-Winward @JACarterWinward🔁she was in an in-patient treatment for 13 weeks
and she hated me the whole time.
#1linewed #surrender #choices
Katarina Bot @amwritingbot🔁 "How could I have spent all week surrounded by people and yet feel this lonely?" #1linewed #amwriting
Deannalynn Arzola ⛧ @deannalynnarzol🔁#1linewed
The dems scream death as Ocare dies.
Written so exceptionally by (???) Donald J
Peggy Rothschild @PegRothschild🔁 'For peace and contentment surrender your desires.'
'Stuff that,' said Grasshopper.
#1linewed #amwriting
Katie Aguilera @seekingredress🔁"Just tie me back up," he whispered sadly.
#1linewed #surrender
BVS Books @BVSBooks🔁Come to for all your romance novel needs sweet-spicy and romantic-erotica we have it all.
M.L. Keller @ml_keller🔁The dagger's tip stopped about 2mm from my left eyeball.
"Do you surrender?" she asked.
Hell no.
Richard Gibney @ragtaggiggagon🔁-What happened your hands? Wanking?
-Yes.I masturbated my hands broken. You got me!
He raised splinted fingers as if in surrender.#1linewed
Kelly Cain, author @KellyCainAuthor🔁Jakob is perched on the curb in the parking lot. He stands, holding his hands up in mock surrender, hair now blond, unrecognizable #1linewed
LiveNoBS @LiveNoBS🔁"Every body needs some lovin'." Gasping over THE AMAZING photos from
Elise Nicole @EliseNicole88🔁"The answer is Euler's 9-pt circle."
"Are you fucking w/ me?"
"If I were going to fuck w/ you, I certainly wouldn't use geometry."
Brandee @noitswith2es🔁I miss being spoiled 😙😙 #1linewed
Shelli Cornelison @Shelltex🔁When I say “all yours,” it doesn’t sound so much like surrender, but when he says “all mine,” it rings of victory. #1linewed
Kelly Cain, author @KellyCainAuthor🔁I line up a shot. The orange-striped ball bounces off the side of the table, missing the hole completely. Surrendering my stick... #1linewed
Danielle E. Shipley @DEShipley🔁 Keep going, always keep going, even when it hurts. Don't surrender, my sweet boy. Ever.


Andy Jacobs @phatandy🔁#1linewed He was on his toes, wrists turned, in pain. She let go when he surrendered. She laughed as he fell to the floor and said marry me.
Molly Looby @MollyLooby🔁"How could I have spent all week surrounded by people and yet feel this lonely?" #1linewed #amwriting
Briana Hernandez @Tsuyoi_Inoue🔁'Surrender' was not a word in his vocabulary. He always had to put up a fight until he won or died. Whichever came first.
astrid owen @ObssdWithBooks🔁My legs give out and I collapse against the door, crying #1LineWed
Callie Carmen @Callie_Carmen🔁Work, work, and more work make Callie a very dull girl. #1linewed
Daniel Scott @RagingCyclone🔁Gareth checked his air supply again before slumping his left shoulder in despair. Fifteen minutes left. #1linewed #amwriting
Jan Jackson @janwriter2🔁"This is your last opportunity. Surrender, or we will open fire." #1linewed @RWAKissofDeath
Brad Perry @michigansoul🔁The old man didn't surrender in Korea, so why would he give up now? "Fine," I whispered. "Dump the ashes wherever you like." #1linewed
Duska Cornwell @DuskaC🔁The burden from carrying a legion of tormentors and a lifetime of regret finally forced him to his knees; redemption was his.
Cat Lavoie @CatLavoieBooks🔁"If these walls could talk, they'd tell you epic tales of my athletic failures over the years." #amwriting #1linewed #wipwednesday #chicklit
Alex Henshaw @AlexHenshaw_🔁Nothing was illegal in the market if enough coin was shown. #1linewed #amwriting #fantasy
Debra Jess @DebraJess🔁Oh, Nik was going to be a handful, but she loved men who couldn't get enough of her. #1linewed #AlphasOfSummer #nowavailable
Frank Gerryts @innerchanging🔁It's rare for rich, powerful men to surrender any of their immense wealth. They fear loss, more so than those who have nothing.
SRSCHULZ @SRschulzwriting🔁My cell door crashed open and I barely had the chance to put my hands up before boots and fists rained down on me from every angle.#1linewed


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