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#1linewed Emily A. Duncan, Actual Villain Queen @glitzandshadows🔁Barely Functioning Alcoholic, Serefin Meleski #1lineWed
CN Bring @CNBring🔁#1linewed "Be careful and trust no one." #ThePact:OPOne #mysterychallenge #conspiracytheory
#1linewed RS Gompertz Author @RSGompertz🔁It seems weird to bless a loaf of bread, but really, it’s reminds us to give thanks for the simple things. #1lineWed
#1linewed Nicholas Adams✍🏼 @NicholasAWrites🔁Dear God!
Rebecca Phillips @RebeccaWritesYA🔁Dark sunglasses hide her eyes, but I can tell by the way her mouth twitches that she’s nervous about this latest move twitter.com . I’m not sure why. We’ve relocated enough times over the years to make Moving Day feel as normal and expected as Thanksgiving.

DonnaDechen Birdwell @donnadechen🔁It was two days past Thanksgiving, but today I felt more deeply grateful than I had when we were gathered around the twitter.com family table. It was a gratitude I couldn’t put into words, although it sang in my heart with every step. Everything just felt right.
Bill Bradbury @billbradbury🔁“Thanks,” she said packing the cigarettes against her palm before pocketing them.
“Think nuthin of it,” the woman sai twitter.com d coolly to Holly’s back as she left.

mumbletoes @mumbletoes🔁 Is everyone enjoying 1 paragraph Wednesday? 😂
#1lineWed #280characters
Jaclyn Reiswig @jaclynreiswig🔁He listened, then nodded down at his folded hands. “It was horrible. A nightmare. I’m sorry you had to experience it. twitter.com But I am thankful, so very thankful that you were there with me.”

Tiny Text @Tiny_Text🔁We've loved this project and our time here—and hope to be back one day! Come by next week for our last #story and #1LineWed #WritingPrompt.
Alexander @hillerthriller🔁"War?" she said with a grin, lacing her fingers over the desk. "It's the land at your feet."

#1linewed #amwriting #wipitwed

E. A. Setser @EASetser🔁

Blood streamed down the dais, creating patches of macabre amethyst glow where it ran across the pipelines.


Rachel Lenzi @lenziwrites🔁“What exactly do you do again, Paul Chancellor?”
“I work on farms. I work with horses. I drive trucks. I dig ditches. twitter.com I love the harvest. I like to work."
Lynn Charles @LynnCharlesNet🔁The days got warmer, the wheat ripened, and huge combines worked from dawn past dark with golden lights illuminating twitter.com Mr. Vaughn’s harvest.
RW Hodgson @RW_Hodgson🔁The wind was picking up and she helped Omar reef the sails. Mary was thankful for her hands long-hardened from work, twitter.com but there were days when the pull of the rope still scraped her palms with enough force to draw blood.
David James Bright @thedavebright🔁I am greeted by the familiar aroma of the bar; a unique blend masterfully composed of two parts cigarette smoke, two twitter.com parts cheap liquor, one part mold, a trace hint of Pine Sol and just a dash of broken dreams.
Nate Weger @run8tech🔁The three stones landed plop, plop, plop and then they waited. A moment later, they heard, ”Good morning, my good sir twitter.com . I see you returned for my offer. I was hoping you would as I have wanted to thank you for sparing my life.” from the water just in front of them.
Nura Jones @n_howl🔁The man's bottle shattered. His hand burst with liquid and blood. As his friends rushed over, Alia heard snickers. R twitter.com edd strode by, smirking. She meant to thank him, but when he noticed her watching, flattened his expression.

Yet she’d never seen him smile before.

📝 Jill Corddry 📚 @JillCorddry🔁 With Willow's warning in her pocket, Rory strode into the house. Her house. It was a cackling-shit-storm of faux gr twitter.com ieving relatives and a bountiful table of food. Why did people feel the need to bring over the most disgusting casseroles when someone died?
Dorothy F. Shaw @DorothyFShaw🔁"You're gonna be the death of me aren't you?"
"Shut the fuck up and kiss me, Shane."

Shattered Heart: twitter.com

Lillie Lainoff @lillielainoff🔁“I suppose I'm to thank you for playing my savior?”
“Playing, mademoiselle? You wound me. Here I was thinking I’d m twitter.com anaged to act my part, had appeared confident without giving away my distress. But you saw right through me."

Sarah Smith @teamechavarre🔁"What am I thankful for?"

The half-dozen faces at the table stare.

"Let's see. Banana-flavored vodka. Cookie cake twitter.com . And my vibrator."

Sherry Ewing @Sherry_Ewing🔁Love! Bah! ’Twas for fools, he thought again and had no doubt in his mind such an emotion would thankfully pass him b twitter.com y.
Jon_Davis @JDTurkeykiller🔁“Well, I did kill the Lady of High Hawk’s Landing. I think we're off their invitation list for a while my love,” I s twitter.com aid with bemused humor. "No tours of the glaciers this year."

Joan He in Finals Hell @joanhewrites🔁His love had always been unconditional, but she’d been too blind to see it. Now it was too late, for everything. Just twitter.com ice would have to be her *thank you*, her *good-bye*, her *I love you.*

Megan Cutler @Megan__Cutler🔁"He cemented his power by taking advantage of the yearly harvest festival to murder those who still opposed him. He i twitter.com s a poor excuse for a warrior, unable to hold his own on the battlefield, so he has resorted to tricks instead."
Megan Cutler @Megan__Cutler🔁Kaylie was about to thank her friend when a demon appeared in the doorway. It looked ridiculous, dressed in a butler' twitter.com s finery with its wings folded tightly against its back.
Megan Cutler @Megan__Cutler🔁Apparently, several years spent in service to an archeologist hadn't taught her much. Although she'd been rather more twitter.com concerned with blowing up obstacles than studying Eddie's bounty.
Kort @PretentiousAho🔁“Thank you...for being with me. For giving me this second chance. For loving me again after I’d been so awful to you. twitter.com ” His face pinched and he threw back his head with a deep laugh. “What?!”
“Stupid,” he said. “I never stopped loving you.”

Anjela Curtis @AnjelaCurtis🔁It was a toss-up as to whose organs she'd harvest first. She was at a crossroads in her career—to save lives or to t twitter.com ake them.
Nura Jones @n_howl🔁“Thanks. Though you’re better in a scrape, you always know what to do when things get rough. I couldn’t have lasted i twitter.com n a long battle against the Corp.”

“Thanks, man. Means a lot.”

Redd rolled his eyes. He’d rather face the sideways-men than listen to this.

🍂T. A. Hernandez🍁 @ta_hernandez5🔁“Don't thank me. This was all Zira's idea. Or her clever manipulation, evil scheme, diabolical plot—whatever you want to call it.”
Briana Hernandez @Tsuyoi_Inoue🔁"So what, I'm supposed to be thankful that you just punched me and didn't shoot me on the spot?" I give a dramatic b twitter.com ow. "Thank you for controlling your anger just enough that you didn't kill me."

Elina Vale @vale_elina🔁“And what about our dreams?”
“Your dreams! I’m a realist. But your mind flies with the birds in the sky and swims wit twitter.com h the mermaids, like the ones in Papa’s stories. You should be more thankful and settle for everything you’ve got here.”

🍂T. A. Hernandez🍁 @ta_hernandez5🔁“Thank you."
“Don’t think you’re getting off easy. You’re still going to have to meet all of your parole requirements twitter.com . I’ll throw you back in prison myself if you don’t toe the line.”

🏡 @marimadethebeat🔁PayPal Only or Cash App 🤑 twitter.com
Sarah Cawkwell @pyroriffic🔁“When even the bandits and cutthroats don’t want anythin’ to do with you, then you know you ain’t good for nothin’. S twitter.com o for the last few weeks, he came into town, crawled into a bottle and ain’t come out since.”

A.M. Hounchell @inferno4dante🔁Greg harvested the meat from the fruit he had caught. For once, his bow amounted to something. #1linewed
tryslora @tryslora🔁“You’re lucky I get my nails done next week,” she mutters. “I am going to smell like smoke for my wedding. Which is i twitter.com n one week, thanks.”
Rachel Lenzi @lenziwrites🔁 "Thank you for all you have done for my family."
"There's no need to feign gratitude."
"I never feign anything."
Chris Marshall @c_davidmarshall🔁 Nick fired up the chainsaw to “harvest” the bound and screaming thugs into strips of gangster jerky. #1lineWed
Craig Terlson @cterlson🔁Another gunshot from outside.
“We could just come on in and get it,” Mr. Plaid called out.
“Don’t have it. But come o twitter.com ne in, we’ll make you some breakfast,” Phil yelled. And then muttered, “Cut that fucker down when he steps in the door.”
“Already ate, but thanks.”

Lesley Donaldson @Bornagainwriter🔁"Viper choked on the fate that brought her bear witness to the acolytes' test." #WrathofAtticus

Book 2 of #QueensViper

R.D. Werdna @rdwerdna🔁He clung to that belief like a man who had stumbled off a cliff, in the precipice of life and death, hanging on to a twitter.com vine.

Allison New @AllisonWrites05🔁"Shit!" Kate threw the pairing knife across the counter after nicking her hand again. Why had she agreed to make all twitter.com these damned pies? Looking at bloodied apple slices in front of her, she rinsed them, tossing them into the bowl. "What they don't know won't hut them."
Veronica Scott @vscotttheauthor🔁 "Even with your shortage of labor, the record shows a planting of several hundred square cubits during Peret, the gr twitter.com owing season. Yet your field tallies show only a small harvest to date. Has there been a plague of locusts?”
Midgetnuggets @midgetnuggets🔁Fuck
Susan Catalano @scatu2🔁I sat that night, staring out the window; the blood-orange harvest moon so bloated and huge that it looked like it w twitter.com as about to slam into the earth.
Jessica C. @Spark_to_Write🔁His face flushed with heat, and she pretended not to notice. "I wanted to make sure you were okay. You are a stranger twitter.com in our world, after all."
That touched her. "Thank you."
Haleigh Hayes @HHKnowsNothing🔁"You touch Lorraine, I'll flip you inside out and set up a lawn chair so I can watch the flytraps fight over what par twitter.com ts of you they'll eat first."
Rachel Lenzi @lenziwrites🔁New York City was like the dream. The bounty. Only the best, brightest and prettiest made it there. I idealized it — twitter.com and I secretly resented it as my friends headed there, hopes in their hands.
Katie Aguilera @seekingredress🔁The Senator pumped Jack's arm vigorously, and thanked him for his service, the sort of gushing enthusiasm that always twitter.com bothered Jack.
Carrie Pack, Bi Furious @carriepack🔁"Do you think Adam is safe with him?”

Ana thought about it. Thanks to his condition, Miles was unpredictable, but e twitter.com ven at his worst, he’d never hurt anyone he loved. At least not physically. “He’ll be fine. Miles isn’t dangerous.”

Pam Hage @queen_of_eagles🔁'The pleasure is mine,' the gryphon replied. 'Thank you for flying Della Air Lines. I hope you had a comfortable ride twitter.com and want to continue making use of our services. If you leave a five-star rating in one of our guestbooks, you’ll get a 5% discount on your next flight!
Katie Aguilera @seekingredress🔁Jack clenched his jaw, grateful for his dark sunglasses, as he glared fiercely at Anna's father.
Lexie Dunne @DunneWriting🔁“I do believe that you’re almost a threat, actually.”

“Thanks?” #1linewed #GailHasTheBestEnemies
Pam Hage @queen_of_eagles🔁'It's Khorrek. I feel like he is withholding things.'
'So? You don't have a secret crush on him and want him to pour twitter.com his heart out on rose-scented love letters, do you?'
Ha! Once was more than enough, thank you. Her letterbox still had a funny stench because of that.
Cameron Farmer @CameronFarmer8🔁Lilsbeth struggled with her husband, wielding the athamé, as he wanted to place her back in the light one last time b twitter.com ut she wanted to live again.
Pipe&ThimblePublish @Pipe_n_Thimble🔁 “Don’t you think you should let him out of time out?” Travis asks.
“Son, he’s been grounded,” I smirk. Travis gapes at Tony, who looks chagrinned.
“Whoa, dude! You really messed up! Okay, then maybe it’s time to un-ground him. I think he’s learned his lesson.” 1/2
Casey Donart @CaseyDonart🔁
Hard muddy, hands tilled
An orange sunrise peeked
Children carried baskets
Little ghosts rose from their lips
As they celebrated a bountiful harvest.
Pam Hage @queen_of_eagles🔁‘Let me sew it back together, it’s the least I can do.’
‘Thank you for the offer. I understand swords, but needles h twitter.com ave always been somewhat of a mystery to me.’
Pipe&ThimblePublish @Pipe_n_Thimble🔁 “Seriously, you guys need to stop thanking me. You’ve let me crash here…”
“Because it’s not safe at your place and it gives everyone the willies.” Connor interjected.
“You’re feeding me, free of charge.”
“Because it would be horribly rude to not allow you sustenance.”
Pam Hage @queen_of_eagles🔁She looked at him with doubt. 'Why are you doing this - do you want me to kill you?'
'No, once was more than enough, twitter.com thank you very much.'
Lillian James 📚 @Author_L_James🔁“I should have gone with her. I could have protected her.”
“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but she can protect herse twitter.com lf thanks to you. And she’s not easy to sneak up on, either.”
Cameron Farmer @CameronFarmer8🔁#1linewed - It's supposed to be one line, people, not multiple lines... *smdh*
Bill Bradbury @billbradbury🔁“Yeah, thanks Tak,” she said, solemnly staring down at Tris. “Well, you grow up with certain music and for some reaso twitter.com n, it sticks with you, there’s no accounting for it.”

Katie Ginger @KatieGAuthor🔁#1linewed Charity turned to her mother. 'I say, Doctor Stanford and Gerald are having a fearful ding dong.' #amwriting
Nicholas Adams✍🏼 @NicholasAWrites🔁"This is a big day, son. It's time for your first harvest." Father patted my back and handed me a knife, bolt-cutters twitter.com , and a rib-spreader as the first enemy civilian came through the chute. "Do you want to remove the heart and lungs, or work on the liver and kidneys?"

Alberto Pupo @AlbertoPupo84🔁Why is it that these dragon riders are set to appear here, in the middle of the ancient cemetery just outside the cit twitter.com y limits? - The Dragon Riders
Karen Edwards @keedwardspoet🔁Wishing on rainbows,
gathering stardust,
and thankful for
the magic of dreams.
Debi V. Smith @DebiVSmith🔁Even though I felt better after Thanksgiving break, I’m back in the middle of the stress, in my dorm room that isn’t twitter.com safe, with a toxic roommate.

Lisa Treece @Carnalunacy🔁I would love
to love you
with ember kisses
and feather breath
with fervent grasping
and unhurried delight
in this mom twitter.com ent
and always

Lindsey M @lindseymwrites🔁"We have a few questions to ask you about some skewered bounty hunters we found a few days ago."


Lindsey CW Allingham @LCWAllingham🔁She led a prayer of gratitude, each member of the community whispering thanks to the god or power they revered, but t twitter.com hankfulness was crowded from her heart by worry.
Josiah DeGraaf @JosiahDeGraaf🔁"Don't you dare tell me what to do. Your suffering is mild. One day, you may suffer as I have and watch as everything twitter.com you thought was true turns out to be lies. Then you’ll understand why I do what I do. And you’ll take the exact same path I’ve taken.”

Lillian James 📚 @Author_L_James🔁 #1lineWed The Hag shook her head. “I have no great love for your father. He ended the Harvest, and my magic starves.”
Elle Doherty-Porter @Fan_of_Flo🔁Seventeen hundred miles away to the West was a diamond in the rough, the one and only
technological jewel in the who twitter.com le Peninsula, the city of Nikolai - the Capital of Galilei. Beyond it's
borders there was not much to place a person in 2049.
Kopp Company @kopp_co🔁 They all shouted his name and rushed to him, thanking him for their miraculous escape from the thugs on Chatham Stre twitter.com et.
A Trace of Royalty: Kopp Chronicles
Makes a great Christmas gift.
Jon 🐌 @sloopjonb1960🔁"Thank-you, but why are you doing this?"
The girl shrugged.
"I don't like the traps," she said. "Somebody's runnin' f twitter.com rom 'em, I'll help. If it don't cost me, anyways."
Rachel Laverdiere @r_laverdiere🔁
The harvest was in straight lines now, the giant machines gathered the ripe wheat without human caress or care.
Elle Doherty-Porter @Fan_of_Flo🔁“Magdalena Marr is on her throne, her throne is atop a cess pit of lies and hate that came into
this land way before twitter.com any of us were born. Homophobia is gospel? Absolute power is the word of
the Holy bible?"
F.T. Lukens #NaNo @ftlukens🔁This gift confused him, and delighted him in a way that touched the core of him. His heart fluttered like a butterfly twitter.com within the cage of his body, and he pressed his closed fist to his chest. “Thank you.”

Rie Drayce @RieDrayce🔁"Thank you for all you have done for my family."
"There's no need to feign gratitude."
"I never feign anything."
Carolyn LaRoche @CarolynLaRoche🔁“I’m a city girl, remember? I know my way around a can of pepper spray.”
“There are some things pepper spray can’t twitter.com protect you from.”

Mollie Rogers @Mollie_SRogers🔁 "Always where she wants to be but never where she is." #1linewed #WIP
F.T. Lukens #NaNo @ftlukens🔁“Most people think you’re dead,” Lucas added. He spun one of the dining chairs around & straddled it. “Though you loo twitter.com k good for a dead person.”

Penelope cast her husband a withering glare, & Lucas grinned, cheeks dimpling.

“Thanks, I guess,” Ren said

Carolyn LaRoche @CarolynLaRoche🔁
“Is there a reason why you called?”
“I just wanted to check in on my only son.”
“I’m fine. Thanks for calling. twitter.com ” My father and I are total strangers. I wish he wouldn’t try to act like we were some kind of normal, loving son and father.
Cindy Hiday @writingbooks🔁Grace gave a silent prayer of thanks for the pork enchiladas, rhubarb pie, mint tea and endless coffee, served outsid twitter.com e on a patio shaded by a broad cottonwood tree.
Meka James🐢 @AuthorMekaJames🔁“I don’t really care what people think, but I’m fine. Thanks for asking.” Despite my words, my hand went to the bruis twitter.com e. Even a week later, it still remained dark purple and angry looking.
Mollie Rogers @Mollie_SRogers🔁She blushed.
Your best friend wasn’t supposed to say you looked terrible. They were supposed to say soothing nonsens twitter.com e like what an unusual look or I like your wilderness girl vibe.
“Thanks, Meryl.”
Ashkettle Boys Books @AshkettleBooks🔁"And Janie across the table was nothing at all like Janie held fast in my arms." #1linewed #Ashkettleboys
Cindy Hiday @writingbooks🔁Loneliness snuck up and hit her hard in the chest. By her reckoning, she had nothing to thank the Great Spirit for. #1linewed
Rachel Laverdiere @r_laverdiere🔁As soon as he replaces the toque on his head, the buzzing becomes a hum that I can almost live with. “Thanks, buddy.” twitter.com Where the fuck is that sound coming from?
Rachel Laverdiere @r_laverdiere🔁One day there was no more Bernice and we were packaged and jostled. Then we found ourselves hanging in a room labelle twitter.com d “permanent collection.” That’s our story. That’s how we got here. Thanks for looking.


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