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Popular tweets tagged with #1linewed:
#1linewed John Pendleton 🌹 @johnfpendleton🔁His kitchen was his sanctuary. His church. But the wild abandon of its desecration was maddeningly erotic. #1linewed
Nadine Little @Nadine_Little_🔁I fired twice--wild, desperate--and dropped behind my meaty barrier. #1linewed #amwriting #WIP
#1linewed Enjella -Book Series @EnjellaFairy🔁Her hair turned a wild frizzy black with orange sparks. “You think I am a witch?”
#1linewed theme
#1linewed Kelly Phillips @OtterGoddessKel🔁My #1linewed entry is a wee bit more than 1 line.
David Burbidge @burb58🔁Somehow I alway knew that your dad wasn't wild about me.
j. corrine @JCorrinescribes🔁Closing my eyes, I listened intently for any sound. What invaded my every sense was wild, untamed, fantastic. #1linewed
Kate Whitaker @EdiesHaven🔁“What are you?” The question dropped out of her mouth.
His head jerked up, eyes wild. “Mina— I--" #1linewed
Nadine Little @Nadine_Little_🔁The wilderness was abomination territory. #1linewed #amwriting #WIP
Alexandria Wilson @parenprocess🔁wild hair wild eyes,
shaking crossing of your sighs,
bending aching to your thighs,
wild night does summ'rize
wildness you despise
Steve Trower @SPTrowerEsq🔁A white van, open back doors flapping wildly, lurched unsteadily around the purple car like a tipsy hippo circling its next g&t.
Hickson Oxbow @TrinaLTalma🔁#1linewed But his expression changed from startled to confused, and he looked around wildly, waving the gun in all directions.
j. corrine @JCorrinescribes🔁He waved his arms wildly and though his mouth was moving, I strained to hear what he was shouting over the churning water. #1linewed
Marie Lavender @marielavender1🔁Her mouth had turned into a fountain that couldn’t be turned off. Why was she telling the hottest guy she had ever met? #1linewed #romcom
Michael Lunsford @LunsfordMichael🔁He sent J. D. Salinger a wild bouquet of quotation marks. Steven King only sent a large bucket of discarded adverbs. #1linewed #absurdium
Joseph Conner @JoeMCats🔁 The closest you came to living a wild life was having hernia surgery without your lucky socks on. #1lineWed
j. corrine @JCorrinescribes🔁I wondered if everything hadn't just been my imagination run wild. Had I actually kissed her or imagined the whole scene? #1linewed
Erin Grammar @ErinGrammar🔁“That’s understandable,” I said as my human armchair tensed. “I mean, you did pull a gun on him. I’d be mad, too.” #1linewed #amwriting
Kathryn Hills @AuthorKathrynH🔁It was an unbalanced sort of feeling, the kind one got from drinking too much champagne at a crowded party. Reckless, wild... #1linewed
Captain Styal @WarWhiskyandTea🔁#1lineWed He found her hiding in a burnt out building, her face covered in soot, her hair wild. He had no idea how she had survived, alone.
Rachel Lenzi @lenziwrites🔁One night Erik got cited for climbing a tree in Miami Beach, after a wild night at the bars. He didn’t know he couldn’t do that. #1linewed
j. corrine @JCorrinescribes🔁"Do you know how much trouble you've gotten yourself into?" Terry gestured wildly as she paced the floor, muttering to herself. #1linewed
Roseann Paneduro @PaneduroRoseann🔁 The way her hair flips across her face reminds me of the wild moonlight twisting through the old oak's branches. #1linewed
Diana Mooney @mooney365🔁 Backlit in beams of sunlight, she was resplendent. Her hair danced wild as a lion's mane. THE BURNING OF ARBOR #1linewed
Stephanie O'Brien @Stepha_OBrien🔁
What is it about wind in hair, dust on brow, & bugs in teeth that turns any suit who puts his leg over a Harley on a Sunday, wild?
JC Welker 🏳️‍🌈 @jcwelker🔁"Rebel had never met a lock she couldn't pick."
#TheWishingHeart #1Linewed #lgbtqbabies 🏳️‍🌈
Noelle Alexis @Noelle_Alexisss🔁That's when she realized the thick, solid black bands on his wrists weren't tattoos, they were shackles. #1LineWed
j. corrine @JCorrinescribes🔁 Someone wise once said: Hearts are wild creatures, that’s why our ribs are cages. #1lineWed
Laura Lamb @lamb_agneau🔁"When you have lived long enough on a sea coast, everything that the sea gives up you grow greedy to take." #1lineWed #DreamIsland
Rachel Lenzi @lenziwrites🔁 But now the reptiles fanned out, as if they were wildfire, or a tide that knew the shore too well. A tide that had been learning.
Jessica J @thatfatauthor🔁The news spread like wild fire in our small school. There was an investigation, even though everyone knew he had assaulted me #1linewed #WIP
R.D. Werdna @rdwerdna🔁The girl looked up in a startled fright, like a deer that had just heard a twig crack right beside her. #1linewed #amwriting
Michael Lunsford @LunsfordMichael🔁"He saved us from a wild bear. But he had no memory at all. He only knew he had to find his inventor, no matter what.”
j. corrine @JCorrinescribes🔁I should've been out, chasing tail, at least getting a little after a wild night. Instead, I stood sentry over an unknowing girl. #1linewed
Tabitha Lord @tlordauthor🔁No matter how good she was in the wilderness, he probably had soldiers who were better. #1linewed
Michael Lunsford @LunsfordMichael🔁Ledger was being dragged along at a robot-assisted speed. He stared at them in wild surprise as their baby buggy passed him by.
John Pendleton 🌹 @johnfpendleton🔁She fed his wild hunger with riotous sex, until he fell asleep on her lap while she stroked his hair and checked emai l on her cell.
Debi V. Smith @DebiVSmith🔁“You did do some wild shit.” He grins. “I think I need to hear about the sneaking out of the house you all did.”


RS Gompertz Author @RSGompertz🔁Wild, wild West? Nope. Just the wild West Coast where cool old houses are torn down to make way for marzipan mansions. #1lineWed
Stephanie O'Brien @Stepha_OBrien🔁The reptile’s legs scrambled wildly in an ecstatic little jig, and they spun an exuberant pirouette before turning to the human.
Juno Goldstone @JunoGoldstone🔁Walk on the WILD side, run WILD, go WILD & free as you play along with our theme for 9/20/17 - **WILD**.
Arlem Hawks @arlemhawks🔁"And if I refuse to go?" His wild anger matched that of his father's a moment ago. #1linewed
Michael Lunsford @LunsfordMichael🔁“Okay wild blue yonder, here we come.” As one, all 17 drones lifted & strained against the weight of their water-filled balloons.
John Pendleton 🌹 @johnfpendleton🔁Moira leaned back, a trace of lust and fear on her face, hair splayed out in wild tendrils, like a paintbrush dipped in chocolate.
John Pendleton 🌹 @johnfpendleton🔁She wore a lusty smirk, eyes dark but for a pinpoint reflection off the LCD, backlit by moonlight, her hair a halo o f wild curls.
John Pendleton 🌹 @johnfpendleton🔁They burst into a tiny wildfire, stabbing the air like pernicious daggers, heat permeating his clothing, cooking him in his skin.
Michael Lunsford @LunsfordMichael🔁The whole contraption—boy, saddle, drones and all—flew with all the grace of a wild pelican coming in for a crash landing.
Alex K. Logan @AlexKLogan🔁The fluid sway of her hips, as her graceful frame flowed my way, spelled trouble; I knew I was in for a wild ride. #1lineWed
Eric Malikyte @EricMalikyte🔁The door was opening ahead and Sal was crawling through it. He looked back, beckoning Linda with wild eyes to follow. #1linewed
Kyle Malone @BetterOffMalone🔁#1linewed But now the reptiles fanned out, as if they were wildfire, or a tide that knew the shore too well. A tide that had been learning.
Michael Lunsford @LunsfordMichael🔁Piper put one hand on the top of her head as if to contain some wild thoughts that might escape before they were fully formed.
S.H. Marr @SH_Marr_Writes🔁#1LineWed Damon seemed so in control most of the time. But then, he was hardly at risk for his abilities going wild.
John Pendleton 🌹 @johnfpendleton🔁Rodrigue could only watch, brown eyes wide and wild, as Priscilla criss-crossed Anka’s shoulders with measured, skill ful lashes.
Michael Lunsford @LunsfordMichael🔁What's worse, Savvy kept interrupting every ten minutes with new questions and wild imaginings about their upcoming adventure.
Renae Smith @renaesmithworks🔁Sparks in my lips and shivers down my spine, kissing her reminded me of learning to fly a plane—hot, wild, and dangerous. #1linewed
John Pendleton 🌹 @johnfpendleton🔁He glanced at her sitting stiff-backed at the table in nothing but her white bra, green Pradas, and wild curls. Infur iating woman.
Eric Malikyte @EricMalikyte🔁"See his anger?" Makai said. "Now that he is condemned, his taint runs wild, casting his threats at us." #1linewed #amwritingfantasy
Allison Dillon @AllisonDWrites🔁It crawls through my veins and floods my lungs like the air I breathe. An unmistakable, wild energy--distinctly mine. #1linewed
John Pendleton 🌹 @johnfpendleton🔁Just behind the look of wild, reckless, crackling desire, a query: Is this ok?
One more breath. One thrust. And he’d fall for her.

Natasha O'Connor @calling33🔁#1linewed snow swirled around, carried by a fierce wind. Boris put his hood up and cursed taking this job. A wolf howled and he shivered.
Dormouse Daughter @dormousegirl🔁 ‘Three generations of misogynists all in a row. We should write a nursery rhyme.’ #1linewed #thepunkfactor
Les Floyd @Lesism🔁 "We don't appreciate the truly wild -we appreciate safety dressed up as adventure."


Amy Bartelloni @AmyCipWrites🔁Is #1linewed still a thing? “Because what else would we do but help each other? No matter the risk.” ~WIP YA fantasy
Christina McFarlane @Christina_McF🔁Gigi was wild & crazy & silly. All things Maisy’s more serious, anxiety-prone self craved. They neutralized each other's extremes. #1LineWed
Frank Gerryts @innerchanging🔁I forage for wild mushrooms but don't have the courage to eat them.
Michael Lunsford @LunsfordMichael🔁They exploded in a melee of chow-chucking & food-flinging, turning every edible morsel within reach into a kid-seeking missile.
John Pendleton 🌹 @johnfpendleton🔁With a wild, spinning heave, he flung the bike over a crop of jagged stone, right off the goddamn mountainside.
“Well … fuck.”

Lauren @EmpressAwesome🔁Her mate leaned his knee on the bed, his hands dripping red, his entire lower face painted like a wild animal’s after a feast. #1linewed
DeepThought @GoBurgo🔁 I ate 7 fortune cookies for breakfast hoping to upgrade my fate. #1linewed
Michael Lunsford @LunsfordMichael🔁“They have fangs down to here and wild, fly-away hair. And the way they stare at you, you’d never believe they’re even dead."
Blayr 🐝 @UncommonBee🔁I ate 7 fortune cookies for breakfast hoping to upgrade my fate. #1linewed
John Pendleton 🌹 @johnfpendleton🔁Leaning into a wild curve. he slid around a temperamental raspberry bush.
Right into a felled tree.
The impact was r egrettable.

Cathy Skendrovich @cskendrovich🔁Fear gripped her. They were alone in the dark, in the wild, w/the call of night prowlers echoing around them.
Hickson Oxbow @TrinaLTalma🔁#1linewed I didn't know what was happening to them, but it was easy to guess, and even easier for my imagination to run wild on the subject.
Veronica Forand @VeronicaForand🔁The wild child? She isn't a child, nor is she out of control. She's a person who doesn't give a f@%K about anything but results. #1linewed
Katarina Bot @amwritingbot🔁"I stalked there, watching wildly for guards, as if there were anyone else awake to spot me."
Rosetta Yorke @RosettaYorke🔁 In a wild, reckless moment she gave in. Caution was well and truly thrown aside along with her bra #1linewed
John Pendleton 🌹 @johnfpendleton🔁She stared at him intently, eyes glowing beneath a hood of wild curls, her lustrous copper dress undulating on liques cent curves.

JB Lexington @JBLexington🔁I unleash my orgasm on2 him,wildly rocking back & forth as he pull me down deep onto his shaft,growling foul things as he releases #1linewed
Allison Miller @AllisonDamMillr🔁#1linewed Wires ensnared the wild deer and twisted its head until its neck broke, pulling the deer across the dirt road into the darkness.
Andy Jacobs @phatandy🔁#1linewed Star had had enough of this boring town, her too perfect sister, her mom's rules. She wanted to be free. She wanted to go wild!


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